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If you’re looking for highly effective and affordable anti-snoring treatment in Stoke-on-Trent, our experienced team can help improve the sleep of you and your partner.

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Reduced snoring for a peaceful and restful night

As well as interrupting your own sleep, snoring can make life difficult for the rest of your family. Thankfully help is at hand with anti-snoring devices that are custom-made to fit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep.

The Silensor-sl anti-snoring device

At The Terrace we offer treatment using the highly-effective Silensor-sl from Schottlander. This is a specialist mandibular repositioning device, which gently adjusts the placement of your lower jaw during the night. This reduces the noise-generating vibrations of the soft tissues in the respiratory tracts.

The device can be fitted by our specially trained team and worn with comfort throughout the night.

The advantages of our anti-snoring treatment

The Silensor-sl is designed to reduce snoring, giving you and your partner better, quieter sleep to leave you more refreshed in the morning. Other advantages of anti-snoring devices include:

Anti-snoring FAQs

During sleep, the soft tissues in your mouth, throat and airways become more relaxed. This can result in them vibrating as you breathe and air passes through them. This vibration can cause the sound we recognise as snoring.

If you are overweight, drink alcohol, smoke or sleep on your back, you are more likely to snore.

Apnoea occurs when the soft tissues in the throat relax so much that they collapse enough to cause an airway blockage for more than ten seconds. Hypopnoea is a partial blockage caused in the same way.

Both apnoea and hypopnoea can be treated using a mechanical anti-snoring device such as the Silensor-sl.

The device comprises of two splints, which fit snuggly over the upper and lower teeth. The splints are joined by connectors, which position the lower jaw forward slightly to reduce narrowing in the respiratory tracts.

Although the Silensor-sl anti-snoring device may feel unusual to begin with, you will soon get used to it. The splints and connectors will be specifically fitted for your mouth, and you shouldn’t feel any pain.


Once you are used to wearing this device you should find the lack of snoring improves the quality of your sleep.

What our patients say


"I went to Stuart for a full set of dentures. Right from the start he was great – really friendly and approachable. I was petrified beforehand but he made me feel really at ease. The whole environment was really relaxed and unstuffy. I felt confident to put my trust in him. I lost my teeth when I was 23 and I’m 47 now. It’s the best set I’ve ever had. No-one could tell I’d got false teeth. I love what he’s done for me."


"I had almost a full dental reconstruction. The treatment was professional. Stuart listened to what I wanted, always worked with me, and included me in the decision making. He was contactable throughout, and very personable. I felt like I was a friend rather than a client. An excellent experience all-round.”


"I found Stuart to be dedicated and professional with high standards and only dealing in quality products. He was present every step of the way, from conception to the finished job, and gave me excellent and easy to understand advice in a relaxed and unhurried manner. My Implant was fitted with surgical standards in a bright, clean, relaxed and warm environment. The implant was well matched to the rest of my teeth and looks totally natural. The aftercare service was also first class. I can recommend Stuart’s services without hesitation.”


"Stuart is a friendly, honest, hardworking guy who takes pride in his work and keeps the client’s wishes at the heart of his treatments. He goes above and beyond in order to meet his clients expectations and he does it all with the minimum of fuss."