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Our highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentistry team is led by Stuart Gibson.

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Dental crowns to strengthen and protect

Crowns are porcelain ‘caps’ that look like the outer, visble part of a natural tooth. They are commonly used to sit on top and cover existing teeth that have become damaged or weakened, providing them with additional strength and protection.

Crowns can also be used in combination with a dental implant to form a highly effective tooth replacement solution.

At The Terrace, we have the great advantage of our own in-house laboratory, allowing us to design restorations on site for a faster and more convenient treatment process.

Dental bridges to replace missing teeth

A dental bridge is used to replace either a single or several missing teeth. They consist of an artificial tooth or teeth (called pontics) with a cap (similar to a crown) fitted onto one or both sides.

These crown-like caps are then fitted securely to the neighbouring natural teeth to hold the pontic(s) in place within the gap left by the missing tooth or teeth.

The advantages of crowns & bridges

Both crowns and bridges improve the strength and function of your teeth. Other advantages of crowns and bridges include:

Crowns & bridges FAQs

Crowns are outer shells used to either cover and protect existing teeth or to be fitted (via an abutment) to a dental implant to form an artificial replacement for a missing tooth.

A bridge is specifically used to replace missing teeth, with the new false teeth held in position by adjoining crowns fitted on top of the adjacent healthy teeth.

At your first crown or bridge appointment your dentist will prepare your teeth, and take accurate dental impressions. They will then fit a temporary restoration to protect your teeth while your bespoke crown or bridge is created in our on-site laboratory.

At your second appointment, your dentist will remove the temporary bridge or crown then cement your permanent one into place.

It is a good idea to avoid eating and drinking for the first few hours after your treatment because your mouth is still likely to be a bit numb from the local anaesthetic. After that you’ll be able to eat as normal but should try to avoid very hard or sticky foods.

Your crowns and bridges will be fixed in your mouth so it’s important to brush and floss them just as you would your natural teeth.

Although porcelain restorations are good at resisting staining, their composite equivalents are likely to experience some discolouration over time, so greater care should be taken over consuming some darker foods and drinks.

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What our patients say


"I went to Stuart for a full set of dentures. Right from the start he was great – really friendly and approachable. I was petrified beforehand but he made me feel really at ease. The whole environment was really relaxed and unstuffy. I felt confident to put my trust in him. I lost my teeth when I was 23 and I’m 47 now. It’s the best set I’ve ever had. No-one could tell I’d got false teeth. I love what he’s done for me."


"I had almost a full dental reconstruction. The treatment was professional. Stuart listened to what I wanted, always worked with me, and included me in the decision making. He was contactable throughout, and very personable. I felt like I was a friend rather than a client. An excellent experience all-round.”


"I found Stuart to be dedicated and professional with high standards and only dealing in quality products. He was present every step of the way, from conception to the finished job, and gave me excellent and easy to understand advice in a relaxed and unhurried manner. My Implant was fitted with surgical standards in a bright, clean, relaxed and warm environment. The implant was well matched to the rest of my teeth and looks totally natural. The aftercare service was also first class. I can recommend Stuart’s services without hesitation.”


"Stuart is a friendly, honest, hardworking guy who takes pride in his work and keeps the client’s wishes at the heart of his treatments. He goes above and beyond in order to meet his clients expectations and he does it all with the minimum of fuss."

Improve the appearance of your smile