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If you’re looking for high quality, affordable inlays or onlays from a trusted dentist near you in Stoke-on-Trent, our experienced team can help.

Inlays and onlays in Stoke-on-Trent

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Our highly-skilled and experienced cosmetic dentistry team is led by Stuart Gibson.

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Inlays and onlays are custom-made restorations that are used to repair areas of damage on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth (molars and premolars). They are required when the tooth isn’t strong enough, or the damage is too extensive, for a filling to be used.

Inlays and onlays can be made from different materials, and are coloured to match your natural teeth for results that are as seamless as possible.

The difference between inlays and onlays

Inlays are restorations that repair damage within the centre of the cusps of the biting surface of teeth at the back of the mouth. Onlays are restorations that repair damage that extends over and on the outside of the cusps.

The advantages of inlays & onlays

Both inlays and onlays restore teeth and improve their strength. Other advantages include:

Inlays & onlays FAQs

The dentist will administer a local anaesthetic before starting the procedure so you should only feel gentle pressure during treatment. As the anaesthetic wears off, you might experience some sensitivity. Avoiding hot or cold drinks and foods, and taking over-the-counter pain medication can help with this.

This treatment will require at least two appointments. During the first your dentist will prepare your tooth and take an accurate impression of it before placing a temporary filling to protect it. At your second appointment this temporary filling will be removed, and your new inlay or onlay placed.

If you have a small cavity, your dentist may recommend a filling instead of an inlay or onlay. If your tooth or teeth have extensive damage that requires additional strengthening, a crown may be more appropriate.

Following a local anaesthetic, it’s a good idea to avoid eating and drinking until your mouth is no longer numb. After that you should try to avoid very hard or sticky foods for the first 24-hours.

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What our patients say


"I went to Stuart for a full set of dentures. Right from the start he was great – really friendly and approachable. I was petrified beforehand but he made me feel really at ease. The whole environment was really relaxed and unstuffy. I felt confident to put my trust in him. I lost my teeth when I was 23 and I’m 47 now. It’s the best set I’ve ever had. No-one could tell I’d got false teeth. I love what he’s done for me."


"I had almost a full dental reconstruction. The treatment was professional. Stuart listened to what I wanted, always worked with me, and included me in the decision making. He was contactable throughout, and very personable. I felt like I was a friend rather than a client. An excellent experience all-round.”


"I found Stuart to be dedicated and professional with high standards and only dealing in quality products. He was present every step of the way, from conception to the finished job, and gave me excellent and easy to understand advice in a relaxed and unhurried manner. My Implant was fitted with surgical standards in a bright, clean, relaxed and warm environment. The implant was well matched to the rest of my teeth and looks totally natural. The aftercare service was also first class. I can recommend Stuart’s services without hesitation.”


"Stuart is a friendly, honest, hardworking guy who takes pride in his work and keeps the client’s wishes at the heart of his treatments. He goes above and beyond in order to meet his clients expectations and he does it all with the minimum of fuss."

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